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Feb. 16, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #139 - A Discovery of Witches S3E5

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#adiscoveryofwitches #ADOW On this episode of the FHP, the de Clermont family drama takes center stage in the fifth episode of "A Discovery of Witches", season 3. All of the extended de Clermont family (with one notable exception) return to Sept-Tours for the christening of the twins. Baldwin's arrival at the chapel and his ill-timed ultimatum lead to a long-overdue confrontation between the brothers. The twins begin to reveal a little of themselves to their parents and Jack. Meanwhile, Benjamin puts his plan into place, revealing a crucial detail that is sure to challenge Matthew's control. In the aftermath of Baldwin's reluctant approval of Matthew's scion, the Knights of Lazarus is reestablished, with new members rounding out all four species.

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