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Feb. 28, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #60 - Legacies S3E4

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #60 - Legacies S3E4
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In this episode of the Fandom Hybrid Podcast, Hanako and Lorrie discuss S3E4 of Legacies. Landon and Hope mark a milestone. The Necromancer moves forward with his plan to raise Malivore and the monsters. Alaric recruits his students to assist with the growing threat. Landon has an unexpected family reunion. Jo gets her magic back to help save MG. Alyssa has a change of heart. The witches find a solution to the Necromancer/Malivore problem. Lizzie misses her shot. Josie comes to a difficult decision. Hope's happiest moment becomes her worst nightmare.

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