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Nov. 29, 2020

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #25 - Cursed S1E9

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #25 - Cursed S1E9
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The FHP crew are excited as we discuss episode 9 of Cursed. The Fisherman tracks down Merlin but gets more than he bargained for with his catch. The Queen Regent openly mocks King Uther when he makes a strategic decision, but Uther has another ace up his sleeve that she does not see coming. Father Cardin receives a couple of unexpected visitors - one welcomed and one, not so much. Nimue receives two offers from the opposing kings, and negotiates with both to save her people. Tensions between the Fey and humans of Gramaire lead to harsh consequences for the aggressors. Gawain withstands torture rather than betray Nimue, and Squirrel proves why he is one of the best characters on television, period.

Only one more episode until the season finale!

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