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Feb. 19, 2023

FHP at ATL Comic Convention

FHP at ATL Comic Convention

Another year, another new con!! This week, members of the Fandom Hybrid Podcast will be presenting at the newly revamped ATL Comic Convention (a mashup of the former Atlanta Comic Con and Fandemic Tour conventions). Taking place February 24-26 at the Georgia World Congress Center, the convention will feature celebrity media guests from fandoms such as The Walking Dead, Lord of the Rings, Cobra Kai, DragonBall Z, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and more. There will also be comic creators, authors & writers, featured panelists, and featured cosplayers. You can find out more information about the extensive guest list here

Hanako, Michele, and Kacey will be presenting two panels discussing characters from The Walking Dead, while Anthony and Hanako will present a panel on fandom fathers; they will be joined on that panel by Darin Bush (Programming Director of CONjuration - another favorite con of ours) and Gary Mitchell (Host of the "A Podcask of Amontillado" podcast). Information on the panels are as follows:

Friday, Feb. 24, 8pm-9pm, Room C107. "Let's Talk About Negan - a Walking Dead Fan Panel" - Whether you love him or hate him, you can't deny that The Walking Dead's Negan is probably one of the most charismatic - and controversial - characters on television. He also has one of the most hotly debated character arcs discussed within the TWD online fandom. Do you feel that Negan is a redeemable character? Has he earned his redemption? Let's talk about Mr. Smith and why he is so polarizing a character.

Saturday, Feb. 25, 5pm-6pm, Room C107. "What If...? TWD-style - Maggie Rhee: A Villain Origin Story" - Most of the time when we are introduced to a villain, they are already deep into their bad guy arc and we have to rely on flashbacks and other means to get to the origins of their story. Maggie Rhee is a beloved character from The Walking Dead, and the horrible things she's had to survive have added complicated layers to the development of her character. But as the final seasons aired and we see Maggie making more decisions that teeter on the fence, could we possibly be watching a villain origin story in the making? Let's walk through the timeline of the life of Maggie and contemplate the unimaginable: what if she becomes the next TWD bad guy?

Saturday, Feb. 25, 7:30pm-8:30pm, Room C110. "Father Knows Worst" - From Bruce Wayne to John Winchester, Fandom Fathers have had an influence on many of our favorite characters. Did they do right by their kids or screw them up beyond belief? The results speak for themselves.

You can find out ticket information, photo op schedules and pricing, and vendor information by visiting the ATL Comic Convention website. We hope to see you there!