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June 16, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #161 - The Boys S3E1

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#theboys The Boys are back in town! Season 3 comes in with an explosive start, figuratively and literally! At the movie release for Dawn of the Seven, we begin to see that things are not all right within The Seven, and Homelander's ill-fated romance with Stormfront is still a top news story, one year after her Nazi background was revealed. Butcher and the Boys continue to hunt supes down, but working within the law tests Billy's patience, especially when he is gifted something that could put him on an even playing field. As Billy continues to keep his promise to Becca by ensuring Ryan's safety, Mother's Milk has left the group altogether to try to put his family back together. Hughie's job with the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs is going well, until he uncovers a huge secret about his boss. A power struggle is emerging between Stan Edgar and Homelander, with Starlight caught in the middle as everyone still tries to figure out how to handle Homelander. Meanwhile, all bets seem to be off as Homelander drops the fake nice guy act and begins showing everyone who he truly is. 

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