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Dec. 22, 2020

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #32 - A Discovery of Witches S1E5

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #32 - A Discovery of Witches S1E5

Tensions amongst the species are at a boiling point in A Discovery of Witches S1E5. Matthew returns to Oxford, where he discovers that a certain witch has broken into his lab. Ysabeau does everything she can to discourage Diana in her pursuit of Matthew. Hamish gives Matthew some much-needed insight. Ysabeau takes Diana hunting, as Matthew hunts his own prey. We learn more about Matthew's past, including how he came to be sired by Ysabeau. Chaos continues at the Congregation as all groups have different ideas about what to do about Matthew and Diana. Satu takes matters into her own hands and enters an unlikely partnership, which puts Diana into more danger.

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