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May 20, 2023

Fast X - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #236

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#thefastfamily #fastx This episode is our unedited livestream discussing the latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise. Dom Toretto is living a happy and peaceful life raising his son Little Brian. When Roman, Tej, Han, and Ramsey are off on a mission in Rome, Dom is paid a visit from an injured Cypher, who warns him of a coming war with an unknown enemy. Ten years ago, Dom was responsible for the destruction and death of Hernan Reyes in Rio de Janeiro, and now his unhinged son Dante has come to claim his revenge wreaking havoc and mayhem and putting Dom's family in danger. How far will one man go to prolong the suffering of another? How far will one man go to protect everything he holds dear?

As the first of a planned three-film franchise finale, Fast X brings a lot of what we expect from the Fast and Furious franchise, as well as gives some unexpected surprises and pays tribute to characters we have lost along the way.

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