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#houseofthedragon Trying to fulfill her duty to the Realm, Princess Rhaenyra embarks on a "courtship tour", where the most eligible bachelors in Westeros compete for her affections. Her homecoming coincides with the return of Prince Daemon, whose presence grows more chaotic - especially when he decides to introduce his niece to the ways of the world outside of the castle walls. Princess Rhaenyra takes control over her life and her fate, and her actions have both positive and negative effects in the lives of several members of the royal household. King Viserys issues an ultimatum to the Princess regarding her marital status, and she issues a challenge of her own. The King is forced to cut ties with someone close when he realizes he can no longer trust their judgement.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We mistakenly identify a character in an early scene of this episode as a Baratheon; upon a closer look (and some internet research), realize that the character in question is actually named Jerrel Bracken).