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Sept. 28, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #112 - Marvel's What If...E6

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #112 - Marvel's What If...E6
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Tony...Tony...Tony! What are we going to do with you? The question is answered in the sixth episode of the Marvel's What If...? series, as we see the domino effect of what happens if Erik Killmonger had saved Tony Stark from being kidnapped. Without the lessons learned after being kidnapped in Iron Man, Tony remains the arrogant, narcissistic, playboy billionaire still trying to live up to and surpass the legacy left behind by his father. Having saved Tony in the desert, and subsequently outing Obadiah Stane as the mastermind behind Tony's kidnapping, Killmonger secures his place as Tony's Head of Security and right hand man - to the dismay and distrust of Happy and Pepper. Promising at first, the results of this partnership has long-reaching consequences for all involved.

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