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Dec. 14, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #124 - Hawkeye E4

The fourth episode of #Hawkeye has the FHP crew asking a lot of questions and making a few theories that sound farfetched at first, but may make sense by the end of the series. Jack and Eleanor have mixed reactions when they find out that Kate is working with Hawkeye on a project. Eleanor make her feelings for the project clear to Clint, in a not-so-very-nice way. Clint get some intel about the Tracksuits from a very unlikely source. Kate brings a little bit of Christmas cheer to Clint, and he opens up a little about Natasha. Kate enlists the LARPers to recover Clint's trick arrows. While tracking down a lead on the stolen Rolex watch, Clint and Kate are attacked by not one, but two enemies with different agendas. 

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