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Feb. 28, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #142 - The Walking Dead S11E10

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#thewalkingdead #TWD Welcome to the Commonwealth! This episode of The Walking Dead takes place a month after Lance's arrival in Alexandria, with most of our residents getting used to life in "regular" society. The kids get to experience a Halloween carnival, complete with a Haunted House (with real zombies). Daryl, Rosita, Carol, Ezekiel, Magna, and Connie have been placed in jobs that “suit their talents” (or was similar to what they did in the pre-walker world). Some relationships are mended, some have fallen apart, and some show signs of promise. But behind all of this "normalcy", there is an undercurrent of trouble as one of the Commonwealth's residents make a very public show of resistance, with chants of "Down with the Commonwealth". What have our people gotten themselves into?

There was also an Andrew Lincoln sighting in Atlanta! Rumor is, he’s here until the end of March (which is also when the final episodes will be shot and completed)– what does this mean for the show? After 4 years, will we finallyget an appearance of Rick Grimes to close the show out?

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