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Oct. 11, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #117 - The Walking Dead S11E8

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #117 - The Walking Dead S11E8

How are we already on a hiatus??? Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead is the first of two mid-season finales for the final season, as the show closes out for 2021. Maggie, Negan, and the others march their walker herd straight to the gates of Meridian. Pope shows a singular focus in trying to defeat his enemy, putting the lives of his people at unnecessary risk. Leah begins to voice her doubts about Pope to Daryl. Maggie and Gabriel wreak havoc inside the walls of Meridian. Leah and Daryl establish their loyalties in a huge way. Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, the community struggles to protect themselves against a monstrous storm. Virgil gives Judith some much needed insight. Rosita reminds the group that she is a badass. Gracie and Judith find themselves in danger. 

The Walking Dead will return on February 20, 2022 (Feb. 13 for AMC+ subscribers) with a second 8-episode arc. (This information was released after the recording of this episode).

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