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Dec. 1, 2020

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #27 - TWD: World Beyond Season 1 Finale

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #27 - TWD: World Beyond Season 1 Finale

Hanako and Kacey are back to discuss their favorite moments from the last few episodes and 2-hour season finale of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. We get to learn a little ore about most of the main characters (some good, some not so much), witness a few unexpected reunions, and see a few characters make noble sacrifices "for the greater good".

Even though the show started out slow and sluggish, it is agreed that the season ended well, with interesting character developments for all, especially the two Bennett sisters - whose strong bond is the strength of the show (for us, at least).

We also discuss a little bit of our theories and expectations for the other TWD shows in the near future.

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