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March 7, 2023

FHP at Nerdi Gras Convention

New month, new con!

Nerdi Gras is a new multi-genre convention in the metro Atlanta area featuring three days of gaming, live entertainment and cosplay. Taking place at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center hotel March 10-12, Nerdi Gras' website describes the convention as "a celebration of all things geek. It's 2 1/2 days of music, entertainment, video games, board games, and cosplay designed to evoke Carnivale with a riot of color, sound, and energy. It's a place where all are welcome to join in a community of friends who play together, who are creative together, and who share a desire to be a part of a true Nerd Bacchanalia."

Hanako and Anthony from the FHP will be participating in panels on Saturday, March 11 and Sunday, March 12. The panel schedule (with times and room numbers) is listed below: 

Sat 11:30am - Bad Parenting Dads (Peachtree) - Anthony and Hanako
Sat 1pm  - Bad Parenting Moms (Dogwood) - Anthony and Hanako
Sat 7pm  - Warrior Women (Dogwood) - Hanako
Sun 10am  - Rings of Power (Peachtree) - Anthony and Hanako
Sun 2:30  - Adapting Anne Rice (Peachtree) - Hanako
More information about Nerdi Gras can be found on their website www.nerdigras.org.