Welcome to our new website!
Sept. 16, 2021

New website and other updates

New website and other updates

What's up Hybrids! Just wanted to make a small post about some updates we have going on here at Fandom Hybrid Podcast:

* You may see a few small changes on our website; we moved to a new host, Podpage, which is specifically geared towards podcasts and offers some really cool features for the website; giving listeners an opportunity to interact with us more on the page through comment boxes and voicemail options. We hope you like the new site!

* Because real-life dictates that I cannot spend all day (yet) editing and producing the shows, we are a little behind in posting some of our content. But I promise that we are working on getting those shows out there and staying current with the upcoming content. Here's what we have in the queue: 

  • Shadow & Bone, episodes 6-8
  • Loki, episodes 5-6
  • Leverage Redemption, episode 1
  • The Walking Dead, S11 episodes 4-5
  • Marvel's What If...?, episodes 4-6
  • Shang-Chi

* In addition to the usual streaming platforms for podcasts (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.), we are now also on Amazon Music and Audible!

* Support: we are asking our listeners to support the podcast by leaving reviews wherever you listen to our podcast, or here on the website. Also, you can support us monetarily as well, by sponsoring the podcast, and through our Anchor Support and Buy Me a Coffee links! 

We are approaching our one year anniversary! The Fandom Hybrid Podcast launched on September 28, 2020, and we have had so much fun connecting with each other and our listeners as we talk about our favorite shows, movies, and fandoms. Thank you to all who have supported us in this first year; we hope you stick around as we continue to grow!