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Aug. 23, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #102 - The Walking Dead S11E1

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #102 - The Walking Dead S11E1

On this episode of the Fandom Hybrid Podcast, Hanako and Kacey discuss the return of The Walking Dead. In the season 11 premiere, tensions within the Alexandria group are starting to show and they struggle to keep everyone fed in the aftermath of last season's Whisperer attack on the communities. With the Hilltop and Maggie's group adding to the numbers, Maggie tells the group about her prior home, Meridian, and recalls the Ravager attack that left them homeless and led to her eventual return. , Maggie leads a group to try to take back Meridian (in order to get their food, supplies, and resources), but run into some difficulties on the journey, including a long overdue confrontation with Negan. Having made both of their thoughts known to everyone, the group (of course) gets cornered by a small herd, which leads to life-threatening danger for one of the group.

In another city, Ezekiel's group are questioned by the advisors of The Commonwealth, and they are not comfortable with what they see. As they attempt to escape, they find a sign that someone from Yumiko's past may be within the Commonwealth's walls.

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