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Sept. 26, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #111 - The Walking Dead S11E5

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #111 - The Walking Dead S11E5
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There's so much to discuss about this episode of The Walking Dead. Aaron is having nightmares about the collective enemies the group has faced over the years, and it begins to take a toll on his behavior. After walkers breach the failing wall, Aaron, Jerry, Lydia, Carol, and Rosita head out to Hilltop to see if there are any tolls to be salvaged to help rebuild the wall. They come across some stray Whisperers, and things get a bit out of control, until Carol steps in to be the voice of reason. As they leave, the receive a hopeful bit of news about one of their missing members. Back at Alexandria, Judith finds herself the victim of bullying by some of the older kids, and she expresses her fear of being alone to Rosita. While looking for supplies to fix a cherished broken object, they get a radio call from Eugene at the Commonwealth, just before he is caught and arrested for improper use of government property. Mercer and Princess share an awkward but promising interaction. Yumiko finds what she is looking for. Negan and Maggie clash in an uncomfortable confrontation. Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess face punishment by the Commonwealth, until a possible ally steps in.

This episode was originally recorded on September 17, 2021.

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