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Dec. 27, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #127 - Hawkeye Finale

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#hawkeye Hanako, Anthony, and Michael discuss the series finale (?) of Hawkeye. Kingpin makes one helluva entrance as Eleanor Bishop announces her intent to cease working for him in order to protect Kate. Kate learns the depth of her mother's crimes and must now make a decision about what to do. Maya's request for time away to "clear her head" does not sit well with "uncle", as he tells Kazi that the situation needs to be handled. Major confrontations take place during the Bishop Christmas party as Clint and Kate, Jack, Yelena, Maya, Kingpin, and the Tracksuits all have scores to settle with each other. Yelena finally gets the answers she needs from Clint about her sister's death. Clint finally makes it home in time for Christmas. 

Make sure you watch the end credits for a full performance from "Rogers: The Musical".

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