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Jan. 26, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #133 - A Discovery of Witches S3E2

#adiscoveryofwitches #adow The crew discusses the second episode of A Discovery of Witches, Season 3. The reappearance of Father Hubbard reveals some long-kept secrets and brings about an unexpected reunion for Matthew and Diana. The identity of the blood-raged vampire is revealed, which causes complications and lines drawn between the de Clermont brothers. Diana and Satu both exhibit strengthened power and resolve when they are challenged. Gerbert forms an unlikely alliance. Matthew considers Marcus' plea for a scion, but must first answer for his past in order to move forward.  

Editors Note: I misspoke two names during the discussion - the actor who portray Baldwin in S1 and S2 is Trystan Gravelle, not Graham, and the sequel to the original trilogy (the book that starts Marcus and Phoebe's story) is Time's Convert, not Convent. I apologize for the errors. ~ Hanako

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