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Oct. 3, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #189 - Shadow & Bone S1E8

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #189 - Shadow & Bone S1E8

#shadowandbone #grishaverse Discussion of the Season 1 finale of Shadow and Bone. Kirigan usurps Alina's power to reveal his true intent for The Fold. The Crows gain a new ally, as Mal leads the way to put a stop to Kirigan's evil plans. Zoya has a change of heart after a major betrayal. Nina and Matthias reverse positions as Nina tries to save Matthias' life. The Crows, Alina, and Zoya join together to defeat Kirigan. In the aftermath of success, a larger threat reveals itself.

This episode was originally recorded on July 18, 2021, hence some out-of-date references that are made within the episode.

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