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Dec. 15, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #202 - The Walking Dead S11E23

#thewalkingdead In this penultimate episode for the series, our group in Alexandria head back to the Commonwealth to find their missing children and reunite with the rest of their group. Judith decides to join the fight for her family. Max and Yumiko continue to rile up the crowds against Pamela, while Mercer is sent to deal with a growing threat, leaving Eugene alone to hide from the soldiers. Tragedy befalls Aaron’s group as they are separated by the horde. Ezekiel and Negan have a long overdue talk. Pamela lays several traps, resulting in some huge mistakes. The group gets trapped while Daryl tries to save a life.

Check out our YouTube channel to see Hanako’s live reaction video to this episode. https://youtu.be/1bjQRs97NUU

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