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Dec. 26, 2022

The Walking Dead SERIES FINALE - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #203

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#thewalkingdead #seriesfinale Oh, it's so hard to say goodbye...to The Walking Dead. After 11 seasons, we reach the final (?) conclusion for most of our characters in the series. Trying to save Judith, Daryl finds himself in a precarious situation. Gabriel, Eugene, and Rosita find and rescue the toddlers, but find themselves in trouble when they are surrounded by walkers. Judith makes a startling admission to Daryl and Carol regarding her parents. The group organizes themselves to make a last stand for the people of the Commonwealth. Negan and Maggie have a long overdue conversation. In the aftermath of war, some characters find their place, while others say goodbye. As one story ends, a new one takes shape.

Hanako and Kacey also talk about their trip to LA, where they attended The Walking Dead Serie Finale Live Event, which included a live taping of the supersized Talking Dead aftershow. 

This episode was originally recorded on December 5, 2022.

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