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Jan. 29, 2023

Arthurian Legends Series: Cursed - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #210

#arthurianlegends #cursedonnetflix New on the FHP – we have decided to do a monthly series focusing on works with a central theme; for 2022, we will be discussing some of our favorite works based on Arthurian Legends, starting off with a look back at one of the first shows we covered on the podcast, the Netflix series Cursed.

Cursed tells the story of a young woman named Nimue, whose encounter with a dark force in her youth causes her to be shunned within her Fae community. Through a series of events, she sets out on a journey to discover who she really is, while encountering other figures that will have a huge impact on her journey. The usual characters are present – Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Gawain – but there are also a few surprises in store.

The series only ran for one season, leaving viewers with a cliffhanger on where the story would be going. If you would like to hear our earlier discussions of the show, you can find them at this link: https://www.fandomhybrid.com/category/cursed-on-netflix/

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