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Jan. 21, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #40 - A Discovery of Witches S2E1

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #40 - A Discovery of Witches S2E1

It's back!!! The Season 2 premiere of A Discovery of Witches is FINALLY here after an almost 2 year hiatus (thanks, Covid!) and it does not disappoint. As Gerbert, Knox, and Satu close in, Matthew and Diana time walk to the year 1590. We meet Matthew's circle of friends: Kit (Christopher Marlowe), Henry Percy (the Earl of Northumberland), and Sir Walter Raleigh, which gives Diana a clue into Matthew's identity during that time. Kit and Diana get off to a rocky start. As the search begins to find Diana a teacher, she runs into a familiar face. Matthew begins to acclimate back into his old life, which is full of dangerous secrets. Diana's powers begin to manifest in uncomfortable ways.

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