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July 7, 2021

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #93 – F9:The Fast Saga

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #93 – F9:The Fast Saga

On this episode of the Fandom Hybrid Podcast, we switch things up a bit as Hanako, Anthony, Mike, and Kacey team up to talk about the latest installment in The Fast Saga, F9. Taking place a several years after the last film (where Dom learned that he had fathered a child with Elena during Letty’s “death”), Dom, Letty, and Little Brian are living a seemingly blissful life off the grid, until trouble comes calling in the form of Roman, Tej, and Ramsey. Mr. Nobody’s plane has been hijacked – along with his high profile prisoner-in-transport, Cipher – and Dom and Letty join up with the rest of their family to get to the bottom of things. Unexpectedly, a long-lost Toretto has entered the fold, and he means to take Dom down by any means necessary. As Mia rejoins the team to try to help settle things between her two brothers, the film once again reiterates that nothing is more important than family – even in the midst of ridiculous shenanigans, unbelievable stunts, and a whole lot of silly fun.

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