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April 6, 2023

Shadow and Bone S2E3 - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #226

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#shadowandbone #grishaverse Powered by the second amplifier, Alina experiences a block while trying to tear down The Fold. Sturmhond's true identity reveals an unexpectedly powerful ally for Alina. Kaz's obsession with taking down Pekka Rollins causes dissention amongst the Crows, Inej faces down her demon. A hurtful betrayal leaves Kirigan determined to keep control over the Grisha. Alina finds more allies as she is reunited with fellow Grisha. Kirigan realizes the extent of his connection to Alina. The Crows lay out the perfect plan to take down Pekka Rollins. After discussing her options with Mal, Alina makes a decision in the hopes of unifying Ravkans and the Grisha for good.

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