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Feb. 21, 2022

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #140 - The Walking Dead S11E9

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#thewalkingdead #twd Welcome back to Season 11B! In the fallout from Pope's death and Leah's betrayal, Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Daryl fight for their lives with the remaining Reapers. After capturing Carver, Daryl tries to bargain with Leah for both of their family's survival. Gabriel's faith is challenged when he is confronted by the Reaper's priest. Leah and Maggie both make decisions that affect the fate of the Reapers. Maggie finally has an emotional breakdown when she loses another loved one. Negan makes the decision to leave the group. Maggie, Daryl, Gabriel, and Elijah return with food to a destroyed Alexandria, just in time to welcome back Eugene - who has returned with Lance and members of the Commonwealth guard with supplies. Lance makes the Alexandrians an offer for assistance. 

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