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Aug. 15, 2022

Tales of TWD E1 - Fandom Hybrid Podcast #173

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#thewalkingdead #talesofTWD Hanako, Kacey, and Michele discuss the first episode of the new TWD anthology series, Tales of the Walking Dead. In this first episode, Doomsday preppers Joe and Evie cross paths when they both decide to leave the safety and comfort of their bunkers in order to search for the people they care about. Distrustful of each other at first, they form an unlikely friendship when their individual pursuits do not go as planned. 

We also discuss the future of the TWDU, including updates on recently announced projects (that surprise Rick/Michonne spinoff news, Isle of the Dead, and the Daryl spinoff), TWD cast appearances at the upcoming Dragon Con convention in Atlanta in a few weeks, and other fan event/convention information. 

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