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Nov. 16, 2020

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #21 - Cursed S1E6

Fandom Hybrid Podcast #21 - Cursed S1E6

Third time's the charm! Due to technical and audio difficulties, we had to re-record this episode twice in order to get a decent show done, but we will not be stopped! Hanako, Anthony, Mike, and Lorrie discuss episode 6, in which Nimue and Merlin finally meet face-to-face. Nimue begins to get answers to the questions she has - even if they are most disturbing than she expected. Gawain and Arthur continue to clash, but Gawain's disdain for humans puts his traveling party at risk. The Queen Regent spies on Merlin, which puts Nimue, Morgana, and Kaze in danger. 

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